Timing Configuration and Delays within Campaign Messages

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What is a delay and when would I use it?

Setting a delay on your message is usually used when your message is in a multi-message campaign. The delay tells the system how long it should wait after someone has been added to the campaign or received their last message before the next message goes out.

Setting a Delay

The option to enable delays on your message is found when you are creating or editing your Campaign Message. Under the toggle that says Campaign Message is Live is a prompt asking you to set a delay. If you do not wish to set a delay, leave a 0 in the numeric box. This setting is the default.

To configure the delay, begin by selecting the unit of time you want to delay the message from the drop down. The options are days, hours, or minutes. Next, select a numeric value and enter that in the box to the left of the dropdown menu of delays. Example: If you want a 5 minute delay- enter 5 in the box and select minutes from the dropdown.


Constraining Sending to a Time Window

What are time constraints and when would I use them?

You can set your message to be sent on certain days of the week or times of day by setting a time constraint. Time constraints can be used to ensure you are sending within safe sending hours (texting is allowed between 8am - 9pm in the contact’s timezone).

Setting time constraints

Similar to setting a delay, the option to enable time constraints on your message is found when you are creating or editing your Campaign Message. Under the prompt that asks you to set a delay is a box asking you if you want to constrain sending the message to a time window. Check that box, then check the days of the week you’d like your message to be sent and the hours within those days it should be sent. If a box is checked to the left of a listed day, the message can be sent on that day. The hour shown on the left clock is the earliest time of day the message can be sent; the hour shown on the right clock is the latest time of day. If a contact is added to a campaign or meets the criteria to receive this message outside of these configured days and hours, they will not receive the message until the current time is within the constraints set.


Below the clock there are details about which timezone these hours are applied to. The hours are defaulted to your team’s time zone and not the contact’s.


📌 Voxie Tip: If your team is in EST timezone and you have contacts across different time zones, the best way to stay compliant with automated messaging laws is to set the time from 2pm to 7pm EST.

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