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In Voxie, you can see all the Users in a team and their Membership Levels.

  • In your Voxie team, click on the upper-right hand corner where your name or business name is

  • Click Team Settings



  • On the left-hand side of the screen, click Membership

  • Under Team Members, you will be able to see all the Users who have access to the account and their Membership Role.


Membership Role Definitions

In Voxie, there are different Membership Roles users can have.

Membership Roles:

  • Owner:

    • The original user who register the account

    • The Owner has access to everything in the platform.

    • This is the only Membership Role that has access to the billing invoices unless another email is added. If you need help adding an email to the invoices, please contact the Voxie Support team.

    • There can only be one owner per account.

  • Administrator:

    • This role has access to everything except billing information

    • There can be multiple Administrators in an account

  • Service Representative:

    • This role has access to only Message Hub and Contacts

    • Voxie Tip: The Service Representative role is great for users who are only going to be answering texts in Message Hub

  • Manager: do not use

  • Accounting: do not use

  • Supervisor: do not use

  • Service: do not use

Inviting a New User

You can invite new users to have access to your Voxie team. Please note, User accounts are based on emails. There can only be one email account associated with one Voxie login.

  • On the Memberships page, use the Send Invitation box to invite new users

  • Add the new user’s email address in the first box and select their Membership Role in the second box

  • Once you have entered the information, click Send Invitation

After the Membership Invitation is sent, the new user will receive an email with an invitation link in it. Once they click the link, a new window will open for them to enter their information and create a password. Note: Your Voxie team cannot see the passwords associated with log-ins. If a user forgets their password, they can use the Forgot Password button on the login page to set up a new one. If the email does not appear in your inbox, please check the spam folder.

In your Voxie plan, there are a set number of users allowed for each account. We recommend deleting users who are not current employees to help keep the number of users lower. If you have reached your Voxie plan limit and still need to add additional users, please reach out to Voxie Support.

Viewing Pending Membership Invitations

You can check to see if there is a pending membership invitation for your account.

  • On the Memberships page, if there are any pending Membership Invitations, a new box will appear in the middle of the Memberships page

  • This box is named Mailed Invitations

  • If an email is listed here, that means the user has not accepted the Membership Invitation

  • Pending Membership Invitations expire after 24 hours. Please make sure the new user accepts the invitation within the timeframe.

  • If you need to delete a Pending Membership Invitation, click the trash can icon next to the email to delete the invitation

Deleting a User

Only the Team Owner can delete a current user’s Membership. If you are not the team owner and need to delete a user’s Membership, please contact the Team Owner or Voxie Support.

On the Memberships page, you can view all active members/users under the Team Members box

  • To delete a User, click the red X icon next to the User you want to delete

    • NOTE: Deleting a user is permanent. Once a user has been deleted, that email cannot be used to create a new Voxie login.

Changing a User’s Membership Level

A user’s Membership Role can be changed.

  • On the Memberships page, you can view all active Membership Accounts under the Team Members box

  • To change a Membership Role, click the blue Gear icon on the User that you would like the change Membership Roles

  • A new box will appear with the User’s current Membership Role selected


  • To edit the Membership Role, use the drop-down menu to select a new Membership Role


When you are ready to save the new Membership Role, click Update.

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