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The Voxie Message Hub is where all of your conversations with all of your contacts are tracked. It features:

  • Unified Conversation List: all conversations are listed in one place for all of your internal team members to follow.

  • Unread Indicator: each time a new inbound message arrives from a contact, the conversation with that contact will be marked Unread (unless it is already marked Unread) with a blue dot.

  • Mark as Read for All Users via Selection: when one of your team members selects an unread conversation in the list, that conversation will be marked as read for all team members.

  • Filter for Unread: you and your team members will be able to filter the Conversation List to only show unread conversations.

Conversation List and Conversation Window

The Voxie Message Hub has two main sections: the Conversation List and the Conversation Window.



Each contact that has either sent an inbound message to you or has received an outbound message from you will be listed in the Conversation List. The list is ordered to show the conversations with the most recent inbound or outbound messages at the top. When you click on one of the conversations in the list, the message history will be displayed in the Conversation Window.

Receiving an Inbound Message

When a contact sends you an inbound message, the conversation with that contact will move to the top of the Conversation List and will be marked as Unread with a blue dot. In the example gif below, the contact named Carmen, initially at the bottom of the Conversation List, sends a new inbound message. Voxie moves that contact's conversation to the top of the Conversation List since it is newest and the conversation is marked Unread with a blue dot.



There is one important exception for this flow: if the inbound message was handled by an Automation and was archived, the conversation will not be marked as Unread. This is important for handling expected responses in an automated way. For example, if you send an outbound campaign to your contacts and you ask them to reply 'Yes' to opt in, there could be dozens or hundreds of conversations with 'Yes' replies. If you do not want all of the 'Yes' reply conversations to appear as Unread, then you will use an Automation to archive the conversation. This will keep the conversation marked as Read so that you know it was handled by Voxie automatically.

Sending an Outbound Message to a Contact

When you send an outbound message to a contact, the conversation for that contact will move to the top of the Conversation List since it is the newest message inbound or outbound. The conversation read or unread status will not be changed.

In this example gif, the contact named Tex Training's conversation is Read (no blue dot) and a new outbound message is sent. The status remains read and the conversation is moved to the top of the Conversation List:


Sending an Outbound Message to Multiple Contacts

In the Phone Number field on the New Conversation window, you can select or paste up to 20 contacts to send your message to. Each contact will receive the message as if it came to them only. There is no distribution list or any way for the contact to see that others were included. When the contact replies, it goes to their conversation only. Contacts will not see other contacts' replies.

In this example, 4 contacts are searched and selected. In the example right after, three numbers are pasted from an external system and Voxie edits them and lets you know if there are incorrectly formatted phone numbers:


Marking a Conversation as Read

When you click on a conversation that is marked 'Unread' with the blue dot, the conversation is marked 'Read' (blue dot is removed) and the conversation history is displayed in the Conversation Window with most recent message in view.

In this example gif, the conversation for contact Tex Training is Unread and the user clicks on the conversation. Voxie displays the conversation history in the Conversation Window and marks the conversation as Read by removing the blue dot:


Filtering to Work with Unread Messages Only

To filter the Conversation List for only Unread messages, you can:

  1. Click the filter icon at the top of the list

  2. Click the Unread Status dropdown and select Unread - Oldest on Top or Unread - Newest on Top

  3. Click Apply

In this example, the user selects Unread - Oldest on Top and then Apply to show only the two Unread conversations:


The unread filter view is updated when new inbound messages arrive. In this example, the user has the filter on and a new inbound arrives. The conversation is marked as unread and is added to the filter view. This works great for situations where you have many conversations in your conversation list and you need to watch closely for new unread messages coming in:


2+ Users Working with the Unified Conversation List

The Conversation List is exactly the same for all users. Every user will see the same status of Unread conversations and every user will see the complete message history for any selected conversation.

In this example, we can see two different users who are signed into Voxie and are using the Message Hub. They have identical Conversation Lists. When a new inbound message arrives from the contact named Tex Training, both users see the conversation moved to the top and marked as Unread with a blue dot. Then, when one user clicks the conversation to mark it as Read, the blue dot is removed for both users.


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