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To navigate to Settings from anywhere in the platform, click your name in the top right corner of the screen and select either Your Settings or Team Settings, depending on what you are trying to do. The below sections describe what can be changed in Your Settings and Team Settings.



Your Settings

Profile *

In this section, you have the ability to add or update information specific to your user. The first box in the Profile section allows you to upload (edit or add) an avatar for your user.


The Contact Information box is where you can update your name or email address. Note that we do not recommend updating your email address, as it can interfere with your access. If you wish to change the email address associated with your profile, please contact Voxie Support.


Lastly, in the Profile Details box, you can update your timezone to reflect the one you reside or are working in. If you update the timezone, your scheduled campaigns and message history will now reflect this timezone as well.


Teams *

This section displays a table with a list of the Voxie teams you are a member of, as well as the owner of each team. 

Security (Update Password) *

In this section, you can update your password for your Voxie user. You will need to know your current password and type the new password twice to confirm. Note that Voxie passwords are case-sensitive. Voxie Support and staff do not know your password; if you forget it, you can select "Forgot Password?" on the login page.




The Integration section is where you can connect a CRM or Shopify store. If you have questions on Integrations, please contact Voxie Support.

Team Settings

Team Profile

In this section, you have the ability to add or update information for the entire team of which you are a member, including a photo (avatar) for the team, the team name, and the default contact timezone. Note that this is different than your user-specific timezone.


Membership *

The Membership section is where you manage the users of your Voxie team, including adding new users and modifying what level of access they have. The different Membership Roles allow you to restrict information to some users, or grant more access to others. To read more about Membership in Voxie, please click here.

Custom Attributes

The Team Custom Attributes section is where you create, edit, and delete Team Custom Attributes, which help you customize and personalize text messages. Your Team Custom Attributes are accessible in any text to be sent to any contact. These Team Custom Attributes typically store general information about your business, like the business’s name, a manager’s name, and the business address. To read more about Custom Attributes, please click here.


If you need help creating an App, please contact your Voxie CSM or the Voxie Support team.

Your Settings *

The Your Settings link takes you back to the Your Settings section.


This is where Voxie subscription plans are stored. If you have questions about your Voxie Subscription, please contact your Voxie CSM or the Voxie Support team.

Payment Method

This section is where you can update the credit card on file for your Voxie team. To check which card we currently have on file, please look for the last four digits of your card in the right hand corner. If you need to update the card, fill out the necessary information and click the Update button.



This section is where you can view and download your Voxie invoices.

If you would like your Invoices to be emailed to you when your subscription is charged, add your email to the Billing Contact box and click the blue Update button.


In the Invoices table is where you can view all past invoices from Voxie, showing the date the invoice was charged and the amount. If you would like to download an invoice, click the Download PDF button to the right of the invoice you would like to download.




*Denotes what is visible in a non-owner account. To learn more about Membership types, please click here.

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