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Accessing Scheduled Send

Messages can be scheduled from multiple pages when logged into a Voxie team.

  1. New Conversation modal

  2. Response Builder in Message Hub

  3. Scheduled Messages page

Within the New Conversation modal and the Message Hub Response Builder, Scheduled Send can be found as the clock icon next to the send button on the bottom right corner of the modal.

New Conversation modal:


Message Hub Response Builder:


Scheduled Messages page:


To send a new scheduled message, click the blue + New Scheduled Message button on the top right of the screen and create your message in the same manner as in the New Conversation modal in the Message Hub. Messages created in this modal cannot be sent immediately, and scheduling must be configured.


Scheduling a Message

Clicking the clock icon or creating a new scheduled message from the Scheduled Messages page will open Schedule mode. The initial day selected is the current day and the initial time selected is 1 hour from the current time. You can change these values and select a day and time up to 90 days from today. In this example, the current day is 8/22/2022 and the message is being scheduled as a reminder to be sent at 2pm on 8/24/2022. When you finish selecting the date and time, click the Schedule button to send this message to the Scheduled Messages list. The message will be sent to the contact at the selected day and time.


Managing Scheduled Messages

Messages that are scheduled for sending can be found in the conversation window in Message Hub with the message recipient or on the Pending tab of the Scheduled Messages page.

Editing a Message from Message Hub

Messages scheduled to send to a contact are shown at the top of the conversation window, just above the response builder. They are hidden by default but can be displayed by clicking the blue arrow to the right of Show Scheduled Messages.


All messages scheduled to be sent to this contact are listed with their message body, which user scheduled the message, and the scheduled send time.


Messages can be edited by clicking the blue chat icon with the pencil inside to the right of the message you would like to edit.


Note that scheduled messages cannot be deleted from the conversation window in Message Hub. If you wish to delete a scheduled message, please see below for instructions for doing so from the Scheduled Messages page.

Editing or Deleting a Message from the Scheduled Messages Page

All messages scheduled for your Voxie team are shown on this page. By default, the Scheduled Message page opens to the Pending messages tab, where you can see all messages that are scheduled to be sent in the future.


To edit a pending message, click the Actions dropdown to the of the contact and content listed for the message. Select Edit from the dropdown menu and edit the message body or scheduled time from the editing modal that appears.


To delete a pending message, click the Actions dropdown to the right of the contact and content listed for the message. Select Delete from the dropdown menu. You will be prompted to confirm the delete. After confirming, the scheduled message will be removed from the Scheduled Messages list.

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